Why You Should Join Betalife Network

We pay out up to 82% of the Fee paid by everyone you refferred up to 9 levels. The 82% refferral Earnings is splitted on each level. from level 1 to level 9. You can directly refer as many people as possible. But if you only refer 5 and everyone refer 5. See the Breakdown of what your earnings will look like below.

If you look at the table above. You are the one in level 1. You bring 5 people. You can stop here or Motivate your 5 people to bring their 5 also. So you can move from level to level until you reach level 9.
You can request for payment once you have N1000 and above. This is easy to achieve. Betalife pay you to share this opportunity with 5 people and you also continue earning when anyone you refer, also refer someone. But if you cannot refer anyone or you don't know how to promote your link to get people to register under you. please go to our Frequently Asked Question Page Or you can Contact us