Frequently asked Questions

  1. What is betalife?
    Betalife is totally new kind of way to Make Money Online. You are paid commission in 9 levels if you can Invite only 7 of your Online friends to Join betalife. That's not all, You will also have access to Download Training Materials on Internet Business and how to start your own online business. We valued our FREE Membership Benefits to over $30,0000, it will be yours FREE When you complete your first level by refferring just 7.

  2. How Much Can I Earn with Betalife Network
    Although there is no limit to how much you can earn with any legit network program, but on betalife we've been able to create an achievable income plan. That can pay you commission up to N96,079,900 in the 7 levels. If you can refer 7 people and tell them to do the same. Please remember that even if your downline do not bring up to 7 or they bring more than 7, you will still earn according to the progress of everyone under you. betalife is Flexible!

  3. Can i have more than 7 people under me?
    We don;t use spillover, you can have more than 7 people under you and still earn from everyone of them, your leg can expand and you will get commission from everyone your direct downlines refers.

  4. When will I get Paid?
    There is low minimum payout of N1000 , once you reach up to N1000 and above you can request to be paid. You will be paid into the bank account details you filled in on your profile

  5. Is betalife Network a scam
    The best way to find out if a website is scam is by a google search ask the general people on the Internet. We want to assure you that we don't delay commission. We also have a name registered with Cooperate Affairs Commission. (CAC) "Monetworks International Services" This is the single account you use in Purchasing your membership to betalife network.

  6. Can I register Multiple Account?
    Yes you can register multiple account but with different username, all other information can be the same.Including account details to receive your commission payments.
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  8. What is the best way to Promote Betalife Network
    Everyone on betalife will have their own personal "COMPANY ID" and a Promotional Link, you can send your promotional link to your friends online, or promote it in blogs, forums and your whatsapp status. But make sure You don't spam (Sending unsolicited messages). You can also use our promotion banners on your dashboard to promote your link.

  9. Am i taking a Risk?
    Although taking a risk is not actually a problem. Risk is fine. But betalife Network is one of the best risk to take. Have you seen List of our Membership Benefits you will Download FREE upon completeing your level one.? Have you seen the Commission earning table. You will agree it worth it. If you think it's a "RISK" then it's one of the best risk you will ever take

  10. I Don't know how to Refer People Can you Help?
    If you completely hate refferring, or maybe you just don't know how. We have solution for the two instances.
    • Let's guide you one-on-one on whatsapp through our proffessional promotion tips chat session on whatsapp or through Phone calls, you will become a Pro.
    • Or maybe we just refer for you. We can help you get your first 7 registered downlines through the "HELP ME GET 7" features. Click here to learn more about it

  11. My Question is not here
    We understand, if you have any other question apart from the one listed here please use our contact us page to reach us.